Taken from a fellow red piller

Naw my friend it legit genocide hard and heavy.

The creator of planned parenthood was racist against black people and said she wanted to destroy black ppl ( in America and all over the world). I suggest u read her messages to clinics where she tells them to employ black women so the black community won’t “notice we r trying to exterminate them”.

Black women r getting the most abortions out of any group of women in the U.S. . Right now there r more black babies in New York being aborted than born.

Also abortion is femicide. Sex selective abortions r completely legal and if u wanted to u could call a clinic rn and pay for a baby girl to be killed. All across the globe baby girls r getting killed bc they r not “valuable” (WHICH MAKES ME SICK, LOL FEMALES BRING PPL INTO THE WORLD BUT SOMEHOW THEY “ARENT VALUABLE” 🙄).

But yeah there is nothing soft about this. We have taken away the agency of the weakest among us. We have begun attacking the defenseless. We try to play God and there is only so much more he will allow us to get away with before we must face his righteous anger!

very well said

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