Always respect your self kings

One of the foundations to being a king is respecting yourself. No one can love you or respect you if you dont love yourself. Here are some ways you can develop self love kings.

⚫️read books it increases your knowledge. Education is power

⚫️showing gratitude

⚫️being in your frame for man =masculine

⚫️dont underestimate yourself

⚫️using the past to motivate yourself

⚫️never settle

⚫️not comparing yourself to other but only your past self

⚫️not relying on others or relationships to feel good

⚫️learn from fails to win

⚫️having goals and a purpose

⚫️reject degeneracy. Dont let this over sexualized casual sex culture bring you down with it

⚫️be spiritually strong

⚫️semen retention

⚫️pray to god

⚫️drink water

⚫️clean your room

⚫️think for yourself.

Thats all kings stay strong reject degeneracy.

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