Ive battled many thots through the years and each and every one of them when i started caring about them. More then they cared about me they started giving me the worse treatment imaginable. Like everyone says if you treat her like a celebrity she will treat you like a fan. All the propaganda you see in the media is false its just for making money.

The first thot I battled

I always learned the hard way I remember the first girl i liked in ninth grade . i had just started on my self improvement journey i was getting clout and changing. And she was the first thot that played me she acted all flirty the usual thot shit.And when I started treating her nice (i even was gonna buy her stuff for valentines) she completely did a 180 and sent me on a bad path. She completely played me i was chasing her approval I followed her on snap a thot. And asked her a simple question and she never responded. And when i saw that she hung out around thugs and I started acting like them to impress her.

I walked outta class and constantly didn’t do my work she didn’t care that i was doing this ether she never tried to help I would soon have to go to summer school while she was getting smashed by the thugs at school. literally and went back with her boyfriend who cheated on her and did it right in my face. I even told her i liked her and did things for her multiple times and she constantly rubbed it in my face.Her being with other guys to this day she still does that.

Females dont care about simps all of this happened because i put her on a pedestal. It’s females job in nature to not reproduce with low value males and get the highest option out there for there offspring they dont care about your feelings treat her like a celebrity and she’ll think your weak never let your guard down this isnt a opinion its a fact https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypergamy

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