How to make women great again

Step one this is the biggest step. End simping the average guy has been brainwashed by society due to feminism social media and social indoctrination to view women as queens who can do no wrong this has lead to girls basically ruling society with no opposition cause guys are so ignorant. The average girl can have anything she wants and fuck any guy she wants with no consequences I know lots of girls parents who just let them hoe themselves out. And who have cuck boyfriends. If we stopped simping and held girls accountable for there actions and actually shamed there behavior. Things might be different. Keep girls in check

Two ban or limit social media. This is a huge one. Social media has contributed greatly to the downfall of women underage girls are exposed to lots of propaganda which turns them into whores later in life. Social media is also we’re they get addicted to attention and fry there dopamine receptors . I overall think it should be banned

Three destroy the porn industry
This is another big one. Girls are literally being paid to be sluts and get nude sites like only fans and pornhub are turning guys into porn addicted simps. And girls into whores.

Step four
Get rid of abortion and birth control and condoms this makes it so people think twice about fucking cause they don’t want to risk pregnancy.

And that’s basically it if we follow these four steps the number of sluts will be reduced and women will be great again

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