Humans are nothing but animal’s 

From female nature of wanting the highest value male for there offspring. and male nature wanting to fuck everything….Humans are truly just a more advanced animal species. When im at school and the girls are doing there mating dance by showing there ass and signaling. To the highest value guy that shes fertile and ready all i think of is …what a ape. And when i see other guys trying to show dominance. By getting into fights and mogging other guys i think what a ape. When i see girls going for the aggressive thug i think what a ape. When girls test a guy for his strength and dominance i think what a ape.when i see guys liking a girl for her ass i think what a ape. At our core we are here to survive and reproduce nothing else when society collapses. Only the strong will survive girls will show there true nature and backstab betas for a bigger better man.without female hypergamy and human nature we would still be in mud huts. Were all just animals. 

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