The art of being a king thekingpill
My name is King robin and i made this book because. I want as many guys as possible to wake up from the indoctrination modern society has but us under. And to become kings. Most guys are lost and slaves in modern society. There slaves to consumerism,materialism,other people’s validation, and especially female validation and approval. The average guy is indoctrinated beyond belief and a lost slave. I want to help them and put them on the right path of clean living and resisting degeneracy. I don’t care about money or materialism.I just want to free the slaves.
What is thekingpill
TheKingPill is all about resisting degeneracy and living a clean living life of self improvement. We are redpill also but. Our pill has more focus on being redpill and not being degenerate and rejecting modern society because it is degenerate and it corrupts everyone who is involved in it.
What is a king
A king is someone who is focused on improving himself; he values self improvement over pleasure. He has the long term king mindset over the short term pleasure one. He uses the pain he experiences for self improvement. And is in control of himself. He is also redpill aware.
The commandments of being a king Self improvement over pleasure
Every single last king needs to have the self improvement long term mindset over the short term pleasure one. Pleasure filled activities are. Watching porn, consumerism, chasing girls,doing drugs, wasting time doing meaningless things that will amount to nothing in the

long term, things that are not improving your character. The long term mindset is self improvement, self mastery and doing activities that will improve yourself in the long term.
Resist degeneracy
The world we live in is a degenerate hellhole. If you participate in modern society and try to fit in you will become corrupted by it. Degeneracy is everywhere. Degenerate things are things that involve consumerism and hedonism.
Control yourself
A part of being a king is self control. You can’t call yourself a king if you are not in control of yourself. This means controlling your sexual urges and your emotions. A man in control of themselves is an unstoppable force. Just think of the consequences.
Self improvement never ends
Self improvement will never end kings. Once you accomplish one goal set the next self improvement will never end. It doesn’t end until we die. One of our goals as kings is to become the greatest version of ourselves. Life is not complete for us if we don’t reach our true potential.
Know your worth kings
You must know your worth as a king is better than what society wants you to be, your better than these blue pill sheep. So know your worth.
Society is the enemy
Modern western society is a dystopian hellhole. It is our number one enemy. Everything in it is to corrupt you and subvert you all for the sole purpose of controlling you. The modern media serves to program you and indoctrinate you to become another slave of society. Porn is accepted into society. Society indoctrinates us with the schools system to be conformist. Modern entertainment is there to indocrate us as well. Don’t watch tv or anything mainstream. And make sure you delete social media It’s all mostly social programming. Society is our greatest enemy, the devil runs modern society just look at what is promoted and consumed. These people (the bluepillers) are mostly your enemy.

Reject modern society
Every king must reject society or else it will corrupt you. Reject what society wants you to be and that’s a mindless drone something they can exploit and profit off of. Reject the mainstream and consumerism. They want us to be just another slave that chases the newest trendy product. They can profit off of dont let them turn you into a degenerate.
How to escape modern society
In order to escape modern society you must live a minimalist lifestyle. That means live a life that simply requires the bare minimum to survive with of course self improvement. This society is a maximalist culture that wants you to chase the next cool trend. And to consoom what society considers cool. Like a sports car getting hoes and getting materialistic things. If you have blue pill friends distance yourself from them. Staying with them will corrupt you. We are who we hang around. Delete all social media, it’s just subversion. And avoid most people cause the majority is blue pill. Things you should also consider are moving away from any urban environment, most urban centers like cities are ground zero for degeneracy. There are soulless places. The ideal place will be the forest in nature away from cities. This will cleanse your soul and detoxify you from the rest of society so you won’t be corrupted.
They want you to fail kings
There is a reason degeneracy is promoted in society; they want us to fail. There is an agenda to subvert and weaken you. They do this so they can control you. Porn and the mainstream and mostly everything in society serves to weaken and subvert you. The elites in society want you to fail, they set up these traps so you can fail. Your failure is their victory; you must never give in to their traps as a king if you do they win. Imagine the traps as a sweet donut that will poison you over time. Only the weak who are not in control give in to them.

How to deal with bluepiller’s(society)
The way you deal with bluepillers is to do two things. Put on a mask of conformity around them or avoid them. You can do either one as a king. Understand this, These people will never understand you. In their mind if you’re not conforming to the mainstream you’re not normal you’re weird. They will use shaming tactics to keep you in line and conforming. They will say things like you’re gay and hateful you’re mentally ill and other things to shame you and to get you to conform. There are basically agents of the matrix who want to drag you back to the plantation. If you tell these people about your views. They will shame you into oblivion. These people are our enemies because they are a part of society. Being around them will only make you feel bad about yourself. And their programmed mindset will only turn you into a the main goal is to wear a mask of npc around them. And avoid them, mostly act fake, don’t talk about your awakening.and distance yourself limit contact with them, Your friends will turn on you most likely when you become a king they will never understand you and they’re not really your friends.
Society can not be saved
Understand that these are people who run society. Have complete control of everything. The media and the school system are the major things that are used for indoctrination. These create the average degenerate bluepiller. Which also indoctrinates people. The average person cannot be saved. These people are too indoctrinated to be saved.Society is our enemy.
The traps society lays for you
PORN: porn is made to weaken men and turn them lust full. Society does this for a reason: lustful men who chase after women and sexual pleasure and are distracted and easy to control.
DRUGS: This is to get you addicted and to turn you into another consumer they can profit off of.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA: All it serves as is escapism to the average bluepiller its the bread and circus for the population its used to keep you subjugated and indoctrinated.
SCHOOL: school is to indoctrinate you as well and the turn you into a conforming obedient slave school rewards obedience.
Basically all of society serves to trap you. There are many more examples. The only way to truly escape is go minimalist and reject it.
-Self improvement Nofap
Nofap is a stepping stone of becoming a king. A man who is in control of themselves is unstoppable. Use the sexual energy you have and instead of using it for pleasure and fucking girls use it for improvment. Nofap creates discipline which strengthens your character.
A man in control is unstoppable
A man who can control himself is an unstoppable force. This who the elites of society largely fear kings who can control. There sexual urges, emotions and overall there animalistic impulses. They cannot be stopped.
Let the pain transform you
Every last bit of adversity you face use it. Feed off of it all your anger and hate. Use it and direct it towards self improvement. And becoming a king if you hate your old self good that means you won’t become that again.Direct the pain
Most guys wont become kings
Most guys don’t have what it takes to become kings. They can’t give up their pleasure for self improvement, most are too addicted. They can’t accept that society lied to them. Understand most people cannot be saved. Their destinies are to be bluepilled.The average person is too corrupted.

Ignore the haters kings
When you become a king and start living a clean lifestyle.You will start to receive hate from bluepillers. You should be distancing yourself from them anyway. They will start to shame you and use shaming language. Don’t let them shame you for being a king. Cut out the toxic people from your life and know youre worth king.
Ego is the enemy
Your ego is the enemy kings. Your ego will make you do crazy things and stupid things to protect it. Most guys are controlled by their ego. They can’t accept a L. If another guy disrespects him the average guy because he is so controlled by his ego will retaliate and think short term and not of the consequences for his action. The average guy is a slave to his ego. He thinks he is a king when in reality he is a peasant. The ego has made him blind. Understand ego is your enemy
You must learn to be alone
Every king must master the art of being alone. You’re not a king if you can’t understand this. As a redpill aware king society is our enemy and so is the average bluepiller. You must learn to be alone cause these people won’t understand you. It will feel like an alien among animals.
Every king must workout
Working out is a pillar of being a king. Your physical health is very important. You must be prepared for all physical confrontation. The world is full of enemies that have the self improvement over pleasure mindset.
-Female nature

There is no saving these girls
The Average girl is one hundred times worse than. The average blue pill male,.Understand it is female nature to be followers and to conform to society. Women have evolved to be this way cause women are the weaker sex and in the past rebellious women where killed. Anything society says is cool and trendy she will follow. Society is currently telling them to go live your best life, chase pleasure and do what makes you feel good about yourself. And most people follow this advice. They are products of modern society and they can’t be saved. They are too indoctrinated and girls ages 16-28 dont want to listen there to busy having fun too listen.there the biggest hedonist and the largest consumers in society.girls have to be trained to reject society.
-The laws of female nature
Every king must understand female nature.these are the laws
She doesn’t love you. Women/girls do not love men she just loves what you provide her with. The status she gets off of you, the money you give the stuff you buy her. The sexual intercourse you give her. It’s all about what she can get off of you. If she can’t benefit off of you you mean nothing to her.
She just likes what you give her. Every girl you are in communication with right now is only with you cause she benefits off of you. Whether that be you being her friend or mom she is only with you cause she provides off of you. Once she stops providing you are nothing to her. She doesn’t care about you. Men are the true romantics, women are not, they are just faking to get you to fall in love so they can manipulate and control you.
She is emotional. In women’s world feelings and emotions are everything to them. Whatever she feels like doing in the moment she does. They are very fickle and feed off of emotions and what makes them feel good. They are the weaker sex this is why they can never run society. They are illogical and irrational.
They are hypergamous. This means they are all looking for the best option they can get if you have a gf rn. She will dump you for a better option and monkey branch to him.
Their manipulation is not a cope. Females are way more manipulative than males. It’s there one advantage over men. They manipulate men sexually mostly they put there sex appeal on a carrot. And lead guys on with it and they use it to get attention and favors. And most guys fall for it cause most guys are sex starved and affection starved. Even with a high value option she will still try to manipulate him. It’s how they get what they want.

Their info gathers This is why girls gossip so much and talk so much since they are weaker than men they evolved in other ways one way is info. It’s why they like drama and talks so much this is why girls are always on social media.
They Are solipsistic. This means that their narcissism is insane. She thinks whatever she thinks and what she likes other people must like. She thinks she is the center of the universe and society back that thought up.
They operate on the laws of the jungle.
The high value male gets the majority of them. Their animal instincts have a lot of control over them. They are attracted to the most primal shit dominance aggression and cruelty. The laws of the jungle get the image society has put in your head of female nature and kick it out.
They are not moral creatures. If it was up to you and her in the jungle and you became weak she would’nt give a fuck and leave you for a better option. Women have no guilt about using and discarding men in her eyes. You are nothing.
-How she views you
This is how women view men
Free attention and entertainment
This is the guy who she uses for attention and validation,and is her dancing monkey. When she is lonely she calls him when she feels ugly she uses him for an ego boost. Girls keep guys mostly in the friendzone for this role. Most guys are in this role
Free favors and resources/guy she uses for stuff
This is the guy she uses for his resources. He provides her with money, food and he gives her free favors like homework or rides home. This could be her sugar daddy or just the simp who does stuff for her.
The sperm donor or the guy who is sex
This is the guy who she lets have sex with her easily and she mostly uses him for his sex appeal.
All of these guys if they stop providing for her she is done with them. And if you’re her bf your most of these roles you’re her provider.

-Female sexual strategy
This is the sexual strategy most girls follow.
Ages 16-28. Girls from these ages want to have fun and chase what makes them feel good about themselves. This is the age 16 when they first enter the sexual marketplace and 28 is when they tend to leave this phase. They want to have fun and are living their best life. This is when they ride the cock carousel which means sleep around with hot cool guys. And this is the age when they use guys for what they provide heavily. They love the bad boy who can provide them with a fun lifestyle and who provides them with hot emotions. That puts them in turmoil. Girls this age just want to have fun, they’re not looking to settle down and are very short term minded. She is at her highest value at this age cause she is young and fertile.
Ages 28-onward. This is when they start to settle down and look for their beta male providers. The guy who is the husband material. The bad boy most likely doesn’t want to wife her. So she looks for a guy who is dad material and is responsible and a good guy. She is tired of the bad boys and wants something new. She is mature and has grown out of chasing the bad boys aka the fun guys. They settle down with him and raise a family with her used up pussy. If they don’t settle down they become cat ladies
The world belongs to her
The modern girl lives in tutorial mode the world is hers. Society has indoctrinated most guys to view women as queens and most guys due to porn have become addicted to the idea of sex and fucking, And modern hollywood and entertainment has made most guys idealize women and think there love is the best love and they do no wrong. She basically runs society due to simps and feminism. Feminism has made it so women are empowered and can do whatever. And most guys are bluepill pussy chasing simps. Who idealizes women and thinks getting a girl makes life complete and is a slave to female approval and validation. She runs the world and all of society is her playground. She has everything given to her on a silver platter. If you disrespect her you will face mass repercussions.They will never lose understand we basically live in a matriarchy and a gynocracy. Society is done and the best thing to do is reject it.

in conclusion
I hope this book helped some guys become kings and free them from the indoctrination that society has put them under. Know your worth kings

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