I realize something after swallowing all the pills the red pill and the black pill. Girls aren’t entirely to blame for becoming thots. Guys these days are just too thirsty and are basically simps and will fuck anything. if we stopped having such low standards for females things would be different. Just look at this experiment other guys did on wheather ugly guys would get with a pig and hairy looking female. https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=168948903&page=1 I know I am too blame on some of this but male thirsty ness is very profitable. All my popular videos on how to fuck are in the thousands. And I’ve made lots of money off of using girls on my products guys have to stop being thirsty. And stop watching porn which makes you view girls as sex objects. Your making things worse by being degenerate and thirsty stop simping in 2020 and chasing ass and chase success instead

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