What I learned from being a simp

If you treat her like a celebrity she will treat you like a fan. All the girls I was treating like a celebrity the girls I was obsessed with constantly complimenting feeding her lots of attention doing what Disney and society told me to do to get a girl to like me and to how to treat them . these girls treated me like a fan. And didn’t give a fuck.

She don’t care about you. She’s just loves what you do for her. Girls don’t care about there simps. In the eyes of the girls I was simping for I was a low value beta male. If that girl youre simping for cared about you you wouldn’t be her simp she wouldn’t be playing you.  Your nothing but free attention and favors while she simps for another guy. She uses you for attention cause the guy she really wants doesn’t give it to her. You’re nothing but a emotional tampon and if you have a gf and your her simp she’s probably cheating on you. 

She’s for the streets 

I’ve seen a lot of the same girls I simped for later on when I wasn’t there simp anymore. I saw there nudes and them  getting fucked by Lots of guys. The same guys they were complaining about they gave these guys play but not me. I saw lots of hoe shit. Some of these girls had simp boyfriends too  who they claimed to love too. But they were cheating on I saw there nudes get leaked by countless literally guys the guys who didn’t give a fuck about them. And we’re complaining about while I got nothing that is when I became redpill

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