Why every king must workout/be in shape

Working out and being in shape must be mandatory for all kings. There a tons of benefits Here’s the reasons why you should

One understand these streets are crazy. If people view you as weak there more prone to mess with you and pick on you. You lifting weights and packing on size will deter others from messing with you. It’s protection

Two it’s instant respect other people seeing you big and working out instantly respect you more cause. They know your disciplined and put in the work. And you care about yourself and respect yourself

Three increase in confidence. You seeing the results you got from putting in the work. Like your defined arms and six pack. Will increase your confidence and make you love yourself more.

Four. It creates discipline you being consistent with your workouts. Will create discipline which you can use on other things like nofap and semen retention.

All in all all kings should be lifting weights

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