Why girls don’t like nice guys

So this goes out to all the beta simps at school chasing ass and pussy. Constantly this is the number one thing you need to know

nice guys learn this. No girl is special if you treat her like a celebrity. she will treat you like a fan. She won’t fuck you she’ll pity you. she’ll look down on you bottom line stone cold truth you have to value yourself. if you want her to fuck you your value has to be at the same level. Or higher than hers the cold hard truth is that girls want the highest value preselected guy. Which means guys other girls want so like the top 20% of guys. By you being needy answering her every text chasing after her over pursuing your showing your cards to early. And signaling that your low value and that’ll turn her of fast as hell. She’ll be on to the next dick like the thot she is now me personally.

A thot is always gonna thot and I don’t blame them.Put yourself in her shoes if you had a fat ass. And all of these guys were worshiping the ground you walked on. you would want the best option and be having the time of your life. Every thing in there life is basically handed to them already. And I blame you nice guys for it. Your not gonna get any ass doing what your doing your gonna get a pity fuck at best. Most likely she’ll friend zone you and you’ll be stuck there unless your value improves .

With girls like that you basically not have to give a crap. indifference and abundance mentality is the key they prefer a challenge. Basically a asshole girls are backwards as hell they say they want one thing. But when they get it they don’t want it anymore. if you give them everything they’ll take you for granted they have to earn things. Basically children you guys take them to way seriously. it’s all a game to them never take dating advice from them they don’t know what they want.

The reason I know this is because everything I learned the hard way. I use to be a nice guy myself. till I saw it got me nowhere. if you dropped dead right now the honest truth is she wouldn’t really care at all. she doesn’t care if your depressed angry or upset she only cares about what benefits her. it’s just in there nature. they want what’s best for there babies she’ll drop you in a heartbeat for a guy better than you.

I know this was a hard pill to swallow some of you are in denial. but sooner or later your gonna see this is the stone cold truth, And for all the guys that have gfs. The only way to keep your girl if you have a gf is by constantly improving .Instead of complaining about how fucked things. Are and there no hope you should be improving. So you can become the highest value guy out there. so you can dick these girls down. and get revenge and toss them to the side of the road

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