Your top priority gotta be leveling up. Not wondering why she doesn’t like you why she didn’t text you back or why she does what she does. Forget all of that kings. Focus on the grind and getting your crown and everything else will fall into place. You gotta give it your all everyday in order to succeed. It’s not gonna be easy but you just gotta think of the end goal and trust the process. The hard times just build mental strength. It’s getting warmer outside and a lot of people are gonna be out partying clubbing and doing hedonistic activities. Don’t be like them think long term not short term. All that time partying playing video games or just wasting time doing reckless hedonistic activities could be better spent on your grind so your future self can benefit. All that stuff is temporary pleasure and satisfaction. It might seem like they are winning right now but you will win in the end as long as you stay on your grind and keep leveling up. You just gotta want it bad enough and keep pushing everyday. You gotta go all out you gotta go king mode.

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