At a certain level of understanding you realize their is no Good and evil. It’s all the same non duality. It all serves the same purpose. The two opposing forces the lower self (sin,Evil,Satan) vs the higher self (Good,Higher consciousness) the two opposing forces exist for a reason the devil is Gods friend it’s allowed to happen because it’s all apart of the learning experience for the soul. Suffering that opposing force that tension exist for a catalyst for Growth. There has to be obstacles in the way in order for you to truly grow that’s why that evil and opposing force exist. It’s just the nature of the game. It’s all the same thing non duality. It all serves the greater purpose of the higher self. In order for Good to exist evil must exist. The two are like ying and Yang both necessary. But for one to exist the other has to exist as well both are codependent so they both don’t exist it’s all the same thing. Growth. For not the lower self but the higher self to raise consciousness to grow consciousness. The lower self doesn’t grow consciousness only The higher self does. The lower self never existed it was all fabricated to go against the higher self.

Everything about you. Everything you think about yourself is just a social construct the idea of yourself comes from social conditioning when you are born your just a clean slate complete innocence it’s the social conditioning that makes you what you are. so what are you ? The idea of “self” is constantly changing so what are you ?

You’re just consciousness

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