“How do I align with my higher self ?”

Practicing mindfulness and self reflection. Realize that you basically don’t exist everything about you is based off of social constructs that are constantly changing and your own sense of self is always changing so their is no you realizing this is called self realization which is what a ego death really is but the ego never existed so it’s not really a death. The desires and beliefs come from the ego which causes a lot of suffering also the ego creates a sense of separation but dissolving it makes you realize that there is no separation because we are all just consciousness. You really align with the higher self by first realizing worldly desires bring no true fulfillment and just creates that same cycle of dissatisfaction and you realize the lower self is the cause of all suffering and you realize you don’t exist basically. Also realize the constant changing nature of the world and how control is just a illusion and trying to control things just creates frustration and suffering. Aligning with the higher self is about dedicating your entire life to self improvement

“Nietzsche saw self-overcoming as a process of continually challenging and surpassing oneself. This involves questioning one’s values, beliefs, and assumptions, and actively striving to become more than what one currently is”.

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