Life is a experience that you learn from

I’m forever a student never the master and it’s like everyone and everything is my teacher.

Existence on earth is always teaching lessons always something to learn if you remain open minded and humble and remain self reflective. The suffering that happens in life happens for a reason it their so you can learn from it and grow from it.

Suffering is a catalyst for personal growth
Suffering to learn to improve on ourselves and to realize how fleeting the desires of the world are and how they don’t lead to fulfillment. Suffer to realize your true self. Which is there is no self.

Go and do a deep dive into “yourself” and ask yourself why ? Why do you do and think how you do and act how you do? What makes you you? It’s like I said it’s the result of social conditioning that sense of self (what you think you are) comes from social conditioning their is no you your just consciousness attaching itself to a constantly changing set of costumes. Your sense of self is constantly evolving and changing. When we get older we tend to become close minded because we don’t want that sense of self that we constructed to be challenged. The close minded mentality comes from fear.

It’s all one big experience to learn from. Their is no control just the illusion of control the only thing that is certain is change. Accept what happens and learn from it.

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