There is no “me”. Just many different perceptions of me but none are me. I’m constantly evolving constantly changing who I identified with a year ago wasn’t the me now. Who others say I am isn’t what I say I am. What I say I am is not what others might say I am. When someone insults me and I get offended what they are really hurting is my own belief about myself. This belief is from the ego (sense of self) which is from social conditioning and the ego further reinforces the social conditioning because it gives the ego the sense of self. All your desires stem from beliefs which stem from social conditioning. All psychological suffering stems from your beliefs and perceptions which are beliefs. When a persons belief is challenged it can lead to a mental breakdown because they sense of self was challenged. In order to overcome the ego (sense of self which belief is from) And realize our true selfs we have to realize the “Me” we think we are. Never existed and is all imaginary that’s why it’s called self image for self imagination there is no us only consciousness which is our true selves.

Social conditioning = ego (sense of self) = Beliefs = desires both equal suffering.

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