When you truly think about it like I have and critically analyze it like I did. At your core base you are just consciousness. What You think you are you is just a combination of your physical appearance, Your thoughts and ideas and desires which your desires stem from your social conditioning and social programming.your sense of self also comes from what other people think and say you are. Your sense of self really is just a figment of your imagination there is no concrete “You”. Who you were a year ago is different than who you are today the idea of who you are is illusionary there is no “you”. What you are is consciousness attaching itself to a costume (your physical appearance) your thoughts, Ideas, memories, and social conditioning and programming thinking that’s you but it’s actually not you you are just consciousness. When I think of who I was in the past it all feels like the person I was wasn’t even real like it was a entirely different life time. Your just consciousness which is continuously changing either evolving or devolving. When you understand this you see the interconnectedness of all things we are all just consciousness either evolved or devolved. 

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