The things of this world and the desires of this world will never bring true fulfillment only temporary fulfillment along with a lot of pain. Until we learn this lesson we will keep going through the cycle of suffering.

To put it into a greater understanding it’s like drinking a sugary drink it feels and taste good temporary after the drink is consumed. For a little you are satisfied. But then you are left wanting more and it’s like you never had the previous drink in the first place and along the way of getting more you’re suffering and maybe even causing others suffering. Maybe along the way you’re improving yourself to get said drink and learning along the way but….. it’s still the same cycle of non fulfillment.

Once we realize how temporary the things of this world are and how the only constant in life is change like a sand castle on the beach or like foot prints on the beach once we realize that the things of this world will never bring true fulfillment and how the battle between the lower self and the higher self is the core of human existence and the source of all suffering and once we realize that at our core base we are all just consciousness and how their is no real use only a illusion of us which mostly stems from social programming. Then we can start to become detached from the world and its desires as well work towards overcoming the lower self.

In order to spiritually grow we do have to spend time alone. It’s all about the lower self vs the higher self it’s that simple. It’s all about raising consciousness overcoming our human nature.

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