I just gotta say when life gets tough and you got a lot to deal with. I gotta say I respect anyone who despite the struggle sticks to they routine and doesn’t turn to the vices and doesn’t lose they way. I know too many people TOO MANY. When life gets hard when they are faced with struggle they turn to the vices they turn to life’s pleasures that give the illusion of fulfillment that give the illusion of winning that give only TEMPORARY RELIEF. But are actually making you worse……Too many are lost to the vices. They aren’t the enemy they’re just lost souls who don’t know they true selves. Slaves to The worldly passions caught up in the social conditioning and programming. Instead you gotta have that indomitable willpower and turn towards higher consciousness.

The people that don’t turn towards the vices when life gets tough just know I respect you ALOT.

This is also for the people that when life beats them down and they encounter a lot of bad people. They still remain moral and Good. I respect you if no one else told you this you’re doing Good. Keep doing what your doing don’t let The Devil win it’s all a test. Don’t allow yourself to be corrupted. Even if you’ve fallen off the proper path it’ll always be their for you to follow it’s never too late.

Suffer the desires first. To understand they bring no fulfillment just the same cycle of suffering with the illusion of winning. Maybe they’ll realize this maybe they won’t.

Seek higher consciousness. Stay transcending stay evolving.

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