It’s very liberating realizing that you (your sense of self) basically doesn’t exist. We gain our sense of self from social conditioning. Society tells us that we are black we are masculine or feminine etc but this social conditioning is based off of social constructs that are constantly changing and being created they are based off of ideas not facts. The only inherent thing about us is our reproductive organs and gender Then if we take biology into account but the way that is interpreted is based off of constantly changing social constructs. The only thing that is fact is male or female. we just don’t exist the only thing that’s real is really just our consciousness if everything I think about myself comes from social conditioning which is all just social constructs that are constantly being created what am I ? I’m nothing just consciousness attaching itself to constantly changing costumes.

When it comes to the aspects that we attached to the lower self things like Lust,Anger,Selfishness,Greed,Pride. These things all stem from the ego ( The sense of self the illusion of separation) which comes from our social conditioning. The way these manifest in a person depends on they social conditioning. These things I believe also exist as a catalyst for our own growth these things create desires which causes suffering that suffering exists so we can learn and grow from it. It eventually makes us realize our true selfies and ascend to higher consciousness.

In order to really defeat the lower self we have to dissolve our illusionary ego. Which means uproot our social conditioning we have to strive for continuous self improvement

All of this is like one massive math equation that just keep adding onto itself new problems. I’m nothing I never even existed when someone says something about me or implies something about me that I don’t like and it upsets me what they are really attacking is my own self belief about myself in order to overcome this get rid of all self belief. I’m am nothing. I don’t exist. There is no set definition of me only constantly changing ideas so I never existed. Only thing that we know is that I am what they call a male.

Content like TheRedPill and other types of content that talks about manipulating things to get what you want in life. This all stems from the egos need for security. The sense of self wants to fulfill the desires that it was taught to Desire due to social conditioning and it wants to reaffirm that it is still what it believes and what society says it is. This desire for control will result in frustration and suffering. It’s not being its authentic self it’s authentic self is nothing. We just have to go with whatever happens in life no need to manipulate whatever happens happens

I like it when things happen to me in life and I find myself affected by it because that’s life telling me what I need to work on. It’s like everyone and everything is my teacher like I said.

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